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Are Private Messages really private?

Does anyone apart from the sender and recipient have access to the private messages on this system? Can anyone state categorically that all admins and mods have no access to any private messages in which they are directly addressed? Just askin'... DC

DCMS by 4: Newbie
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Arms race: The future of wearable tech revealed

Hi all   The mobile device market is forever evolving. From clunky handsets to ones so thin you can barely believe. From flip phones to big screen smart phones. From Snake II to the thousands of games you can get on todays app stores.   The accessori...

Ellis_VF by Community Manager (Retired)
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Spotify: How to choose from 30 million songs.

Hi all   Spotify is one of the most popular choices from our 4G entertainment pack deals. It's easy to see why, as it gives you access to over 30 million songs to listen to while you are on the move. In fact, the main problem is trying to decide whic...

Ellis_VF by Community Manager (Retired)
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Vodafone 4G

Hi All, Anyone got Vodafone 4G? What are your impressions? Is it worth the additional money? Also which extra did you chose? Spotify etc? Thanks.

logic101 by 16: Advanced member
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Resolved! Rank Leader boards

Hi All, Can anyone help me find the rank leader board? Thanks in advance

logic101 by 16: Advanced member
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Resolved! Vea Welsh assembly

Hi, are the Welsh assembly on the vea list of Vodafone partners eligible for the 20% discount. Many thanks, kind regards, John.

Resolved! Vea - number porting

Brought an iPhone at the weekend and used my brother in laws Vea discount instantly for the number given there and then however my number has since ported over to a different number. Will I need him to reapply for this number? Is this going to be an ...

Sophpat by 2: Seeker
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Christmas is just around the corner! I just wondered what everyone's opinion is regarding when it is appropriate to start putting up the Christmas decorations? I have started to see some already.. Is November too early?

How I created my Xmas Signature Bar

  The Software I used was  Inkscape a Vector Graphics program and  GIMP, which is similar to Photoshop.   Both programs are Open Source and Free to use and Download.   I won’t go into how to use Inkscape or GIMP, there are many video’s on YouTube tha...

InkscapeLogo-square-179x179.png gimp-logo.png Banner_1.png Banner_2.png