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Smart Watches

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

The latest reports show that in the US alone, pre orders for the Apple Watch have reached 1 million making it the most successful launch of a new product in Apple's history.


I wondered if anyone here has ordered an Apple watch or is even thinking about it.


Or perhaps you have an Android Wear smart watch or are thinking about getting one. And I read that Google is close to porting Android Wear to Apple's iOS. Is this a good or a bad move?


Thoughts anyone?



17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Personally I think wearable tech still feels a little bit of a gimmick at the moment and there's no standout feature that makes me 'absolutely want' to have it.


The overall price is putting me off an Apple Watch (on top of what I'd pay for an iPhone, iPad and Mac which all give me something a bit different already). 



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17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

I have an Asus Zenwatch (android). 


I like the watch but at the minute I dont think I use it to its full potential, I use it for reading messages, a little bit of navigation when walking and some fitness tracking.


I dont "speak" to it the way you see the adverts portraying useage, that may come as more people head down that route.


I chose the Asus as it looked more of a dress watch rather than a sports type, it can be worn with a suit and looks ok.


App integration seems to be good, there are lots of faces to try, even though I keep going back to my favourite.

Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

Hi Guys


While I like the idea around Smartwatches, I've always been a little put off by the look of them. I'm like @63johnw in that I want a device that would look like a normal dress watch where possible. 


I think one of the few I've been considering is the Motorola 360. I think it looks pretty smart and, from what I've seen, functions pretty well to.

Okay, I will hold my hand up. I have ordered a SS 42mm with a Milanese loop. Delivery is due in June. But that could change.

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for smartwatch, i'd prefer Fitbi as I usually wear it for sport's use. Recently i came accross an online shopping site called T-dimension..and it seems they'r offering i am wondering if i shall go ahead or not.

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

I don't know this particular site, but always be careful of websites that are offering suspiciously cheap prices (I don't know if this one is).   Do they have stock?   Are they in the UK?   Do they give full contact details so that you can chase them if there's a problem.  Also remember that you'll be responsible for import charges (VAT etc) for anything shipped from outside the EU, which can add 20% or more to the cost.