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Off topic

Someone has signed up for a contract using my email address by mistake.

2: Seeker


As the title says, someone has signed up for a new account earlier this month using my email address by mistake.

I have had all of their email correspondence PDFs through with details of their contract plan and personal information. I contacted the person via text message, who didn't seem to understand the situation.

Can someone at Vodafone get in touch so we can fix this please.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @dzzl 


I would be more concerned that it was only the email address, you need to check your credit file in case there is anything else not quite correct.  This may only be a mistype but better to be sure.  There is further information on fraud here: Protecting your identity 


Due to GDPR data protection reasons Vodafone won't be able to access the account without the account holders permission. If the email address has to be changed, this needs to be done by the account holder.


Just mark the emails as spam and block the address from your settings and let the account holder sort this out, it's simple enough to do from the online account,  he or she will soon find out they are not billing notifications.


If you need confirmation speak to the Social Team here: Contact Us 

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2: Seeker

thanks for the reply @AnnS


I'm not going to just block/ignore it, so I'll open a complaint.


If any company was sending MY details to an incorrect recipient (regardless of who was to blame) and was then informed of the error; I would expect something done about it.

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