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Anyone Sue Vodafone ? Please 🙏

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Did anyone sue Vodafone ? 
Any advice please! 
Email: MOD EDIT: This post has been edited to remove personal information see Community Guidelines

So, I’ve began making this phone call at 191 and asked an agent to send me a proof of usage for that specific IMEI linked to my phone number. That was after my attempts of getting it online and given back there was no usage. 

I am on the phone for 2:50 recording it and the agent was aware and also aware about my mental health problems ( depression, anxiety, bipolar…etc.) even so I wasn’t rude or I was controlling myself, or at least trying he kept repeating himself, talking over me, I got to this point where he’s not listening to me anymore he’s violating my private data and do what he thinks. 
I said I’ve completed the form online and I believe is a mistake and he said NO he knows better. 
I pleased him to put me in contact with someone else as I wanted to get that resolved. He said “I can do this myself “ 

at this point I was this is not a question this is a request. He is not listening to me causing me more stress, not just I have it on phone records but my friend was filming on his phone and you can see at some point he was raising over , overtaking, rude, not apologising , interrupting constantly. Oh yeah he was twisting the words…EX: I want a proof of usage. 
Him: Sorry sir we can’t give you a proof of purchase as you haven’t bought the phone from us. 

Anyway..He then said he’s going to put me through with a manager. He actually doesn’t put me on hold, I can tell when I’m on hold and he comes back saying he talked with his manager and I will get that. I said I’ve asked to be put through not to talk my info in my name. I believe he tried to cut off. I said to him I’ll let it go if he send an email saying what he said at the phone. 
Like that he talked over with Mara for example and Mara told him I will get that proof. He said he can’t do this. This is when I’ve begun to cry you can see on video on my friend phone, and nearly had a seizure , started to get red , my head hurts, and I start to shake. I get this from stress anyway….

I get through complainants I get a solution the guy actually finds my device and proof which I was sure they had it from beginning and apologies. I said I’m going further in relation with the agent. He said he can offer me £50 off bill I was £260 debt due to the fact that I lost the phone , I don’t have a proof of address atm and could be because of personal reasons ( homeless, chased up by someoane to beat me up…) and I cannot satisfy my insurance policy ASSURANT…I am getting to an agreement with him where he said he’s going to resolve it internally, I’ll £260 off and he said he’s going to have a word with insurance. I get told he’s waiting for signatures. From here you can’t understand nothing my case it’s been passed from people to people, I was given a link and a password for the online complaints account. The server it’s not working and plus they using a IP detection service where they can give access to whoever they want to. I wanted to upload my proofs too just in case. I get put through ASSURANT complaints from that call , this guy is telling me is okay they will make an exception. They will contact me to send just what I have and bank statements. I send that ! I get also an email from ASSURANT saying: 


Thank you for taking the time to share your recent experience with your Vodafone AGIL Mobile Phone policy.


We believe your complaint has been resolved.  However, if you feel that we’ve misunderstood your complaint or if you have any further details you think we should know, please contact us on 0333 220 5463, from Monday to Friday between 9.00am and 5.30pm. Or alternatively, you can email us at


If you remain dissatisfied with the resolution of your complaint, you may be able to refer it to the Financial Ombudsman Service.  You have the right to refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service, free of charge – but you must do so within six months of the date of this communication.


If you do not refer your complaint in time, the Ombudsman will not have our permission to consider your complaint and will only be able to do so in very limited circumstances. For example, if the Ombudsman believes that the delay was as a result of exceptional circumstances.


Further information about the Financial Ombudsman Service is available on their website –


Yours sincerely



Customer Relations” 



NO summary given 😑

Not explanation what actually has been resolved. But anyway I didn’t give importance to this. I did as I’ve been told sent passport, bank statement, and an explanation who I’ve talked with when and why I don’t have a proof of address. Even though I shouldn’t really explain as the guy said it’s okay , sorted just send the documents I have. 

I get a call from Assurant miss it. I email them to call me back as I didn’t have credit. They knew probably cuz it’s the number in debt. Note they don’t reply to my email and just attempt to call once 2 days after. 

they call back in the same day once they seen my email to call me. They say they can’t accept that as proof. 


this is where I dunno who to believe, or not anymore. 

I get those from Vodafone in regards my complaint against the agent….


Your complaint has been resolved 

We’re sorry once again that your recent experience with us led to your complaint dated 26 September 2022.  

Following our recent communications with you, we now believe that the issue has been resolved and will be closing our case.  

We take all complaints seriously, and hope that we’ve addressed your concerns. 

However, if you’re unhappy with our resolution and would like your complaint to remain open, please let us know by replying to this email or call us on we're available Monday to Friday between 8am and 8pm and Saturday between 10am and 6pm(standard call charges apply). Just to note, so that we can get you through to the right team when you call, you'll need to enter your unique reference number [MOD EDIT: This post has been edited to remove off personal information please see Community Guidelines]

If we don’t hear back from you within the next 45 days, we’ll assume that your complaint has been resolved to your satisfaction, and  take no further action.

The Financial Ombudsman Service  

If your complaint has not been resolved after 8 weeks or we have issued you with a final response letter you can refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman free of charge – but you must do so within six months. 

If you don’t refer your complaint in time, the Ombudsman will not have our permission to consider your complaint and so will only be able to do so in very limited circumstances. For example, if the Ombudsman believes that the delay was as a result of exceptional circumstances.  

Just so you’re aware, you’ll need to meet their eligibility criteria before they’ll be able to look into your complaint.   

Here are their details if you'd like to get in touch with them:   

Phone:               0300 123 9 123   
Post:                Financial Ombudsman Service, Exchange Tower, London, E14 9SR

A consumer leaflet with more information on what the Financial ombudsman can help with can be found at

Kind regards
Customer Relations
Vodafone Limited”
Note no summary sent , didn’t told what has been resolved and what not. No info tbh. Just that they closing it. I didn’t agree and I said this…
Hi James, 
I am not trying to be silly or something, not that I have any intentions to keep email you or the Vodafone team. 
But would you please be considering to write down into the email, what has been concluded? 
I do acknowledge that you told me that information over the phone. But I would like that in a written email due to the fact that I simply cannot have access to the server, and so that I have that necessary level of protection I feel I need. 
This is a last thing I’ll probably ask you for. I hope you don’t get me wrong. 
You’ve been amazing so far, and helped me so much. Btw you don’t have to stay write this email very professional. Just some ideas and that’s it. 
Looking to hear from you as soon as possible.
my name here “
He isn’t replying anymore, I called he’s out . He scheduled calls he didn’t deliver. I chased up he’s telling me he’s waiting for signatures.
I’m like what signatures when you said it’s closed. 
I am being on the phone 2 hours again from one to 10 different agents and team. 

I said I want to get an email with summary and what has been resolved, he said he will do it today  04.10.2022 while he transfer me over to the insurance to discuss the other claim. Which I don’t understand what was to discuss at this point just the fact that they promised me things, affected my mental health even more my doctor told me and I’m more stressed than ever.  

The insurance put me through 5 differents people today to get to same person again. Being told to send a proof of transport now …changing it and twisting it. 

I been through someone else again in same call she told me proof of address.
I didn’t wanted to go through all of this I am the most affected since I started to recover. I haven’t been out for 2 weeks being stressed and trying to resolve this. 

when I try to go back to James to see if he actually sent the email as he said he will I get out through main menu robot 🤖 I get to some point to an agent ( note I haven’t hang up or something all in the same call ) 
I get told James is out now , I was spiking with him just 15 minutes before btw. Even though this James has a program right ? Even though he could be asked why at 17:50 he was having a break and go for a walk. This is proofs against him. Maybe he had a break and this is he’s luck we can’t complain of course. 

Conclusion: They tried to get read of me, they mistake to many things. I am being transferred from a person to another and you can’t understand anymore, I am mentally more ill since I started  my medical treatment, I can’t sleep, I’m stressed, I’m exhausted, I can’t carry out my activities anymore.
If he can’t handle this he could’ve say it.
give me one person responsible who replies, who takes responsibility and care and who takes the consequences. Not when inform the person about my intentions to go further they get read of my case and give it to someone else. It has been that . 

I hope you guys have never experience the nightmare I’m going through now. 
But if you did I hope you can help me and tell me where to go. FOS is good I know but I consider all the options. As this has exhausted me of power of piece and making my life getting back to what it has before treatment. 

Love you all and take care of yourself.
If I missed something sorry I have memory lost too, not that bad but I do omit things now and again, the tablets are relatively strong (Xanax…etc) don’t wanna give to many ideas 💡 



Community Manager
Community Manager

@itsyeJohn - Thank you for taking your time to explain your current situation and I'm sorry to hear the experience you're having. 

From the way you've described the call, this is something we need to investigate further. We don't want to make anyone feel this way. 

With your complaint going to our highest point of escalation which is our Customer Relations team, we're usually unable to intervene, although I'd like us to check what's happening with the complaint and escalate this for you. 

So that we can do this, please contact my team through Social Media and include a link to this post. 

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I am in the process of building a case against Vodafone business for malpractice, Please let me know if you have, maybe we can help.