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Off topic

Vodafone Curve tracker.

2: Seeker

I have a Curve tracker and I have a feature request. I cannot understand why, having already got Bluetooth in it, the Curve cannot use this feature to pin point the lost article. At best it would put the lost item within a 50m radius? Why not have the mobile app activate the on board Bluetooth to indicate whether one is getting closer. Gadgets like my Tile do this. Maybe your Curve would need to be modded to provide more Bluetooth power for this, maybe not. Either way the Curve would be an incredible bit of kit........

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Hi @PJZwyx We're always happy to receive feedback on any of our products and services, to thank you for bringing this to our attention! I'd recommend also contacting our dedicated IOT team here to make sure this is fed back to our behind the scenes boffins!

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