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Vodafone (My friend has Been A Victim of Fraud)

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My friend has received a letter from Lowell collection agency stating they are the new owner of a vodaphone account and to contact them RE payment.


she has never had a vodaphone account.


a few years ago she was the victim of identity theft thanks to two (now ex) friends of her that took out a phone contract in her name without her knowledge or consent. This was reported to action fraud at the time.


It turns out they did this more than once.


this has been reported to yourselves and also to Lowell when she first received a letter from them some time ago.


she is no longer in contact with the ex friends and all she knows is their last known address was in Lincoln.


i have my friends details and the original action fraud number. Can you please, once and for all, sort this out.

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This is horrible @Pjfrith. I'm glad to hear she's dropped these people and surrounded herself with better friends. We've got a great bunch of Credit File specialists in our team and I'm sure they'll be able to get something like this sorted in no time. As they'll need to take some personal details to look into this, please ask your friend to contact us via Facebook at Vodafone UK, or Twitter using the handle @VodafoneUK and we'll be in touch.

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ive just spoken to her and sent the link to this conversation through so I’m sure she’ll be in contact shortly.

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I am. The person my mate is talking about. I myself is trying everything to get though to Vodafone. About this debt my ex mates got me into is not mine I have never been on Vodafone. Always 3. 

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16: Advanced member

@katiewoodcock  - Thanks for contacting us and I’m sorry to hear what’s happened to your identity!

So we can help and locate the account, please contact my team either via Vodafone UK Facebook Private Message or @VodafoneUK Twitter Direct Message. When you do this, please include the link to this thread. 

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