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Vodafone is ruining my Credit Score!

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2: Seeker



I need to get in touch with their accounts department, I have tried their customer service number but everytime I tried I have been pushed from pillar to post and then when I finally spoke with someone I was promised to have a member of their dedicated accounts team to contact me to resolve this and I am still waiting months later... 


I had a dispute with a store over a missold iphone and tried to get my contract cancelled, tney were notified within the two week period under TCF I had the right to downright cancel but I wanted to amend the iphone I had intended to buy. I hae since squandered hours on the phone with various account representatives and patiently awaited for the phone to be replaced. They had essentially worn me out past the two week period, I was not hapy at all. I then discovered that they had logged the dispute as a refusal to pay on my credit report to dire effects and I have been trying to come to a resolution with them since. Whilst I appreciate that the customer service is intentionally as difficult as possible to discourage nonsense queries, this is an issue that has serious effects on peoples lives. In the interim I have endured financial ramifications which I can no longer ignore. I would like to settle the account but I cant find a number, email or address to contact the accounts department directly in order to follow up.


The repercussions have been disproportionate, facts notwithstanding. Where can I go to to speak with someone in order to come to terms with vodafone?




17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

As far as I'm aware there isn't an accounts department number you can ring.

It all goes through the front line agents on 191 or Live Chat.

However we do have the Vodafone Social Media Team's who can help with account issues. But not via this forum.

You would need to engage with them via Facebook or Twitter.

The links are in Contact-us-for-account-specific-queries. 

The Social Media Team have a dedicated Credit File Specialist Team who can investigate too.

I wish you all the best with this. 

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Thanks for your reply.


It is unconscionable to have no direct number or method of communicating with their accounts team. Having the infrastructure for millions of subscribers and the power to autocratically send members to the credit report agencies means they should provide an unfettered means to directly contest such decisions.


Using social media does not grant a reliable paper trail. There must be a department of people who work on dispute accounts and I am certain these decision makers have email addresses and work from a physical location on the planet Earth. If Vodafone is keeping this information from the public I can only assume it is not to the benefit of its customers. This is not treating it's customers fairly at all. For example I am not on social media so my only recourse to subject myself once again to being messed around on the phone? 


This is indicative of the complete disregard of Vodafone towards the customers it petitions for their hard earned money, then to damage their credit reports without giving due process in a legitimate misrepresentation dispute is shameful. Reminscent of the grossly unfair roaming charges issued by all mobile companies during early 2000's.


I would go further and say that this amounts to malicious financial persecution. They are creating terrible consequences in the lives of private individuals with impugnity. Last I checked this is a country of laws and common decency.


I appreciate you responding so diligently and taking the queries of members so seriously.

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17: Community Champion

I appreciate many don't use Social Media as a choice @rezashah but that's only how currently account access issues can be dealt with via this forum.

A twitter account can be created for such communication and then de activated after if that helps.

Apart from that it's the current customer services routes and or the raise a complaint route. 

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