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Warranty scam

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

Samsung Flip 4. Has never been dropped and in a case from day 1.

The screen developed a bright green line down one side.

The Vodafone service centre claim it has physical damage and not covered by warranty. 

I think k this a an easy opt-out for them.

Wanted to charge £320 to repair a fault which is a known fault on Samsung phone.


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

There are several threads on the Samsung Community regarding this problem @Pinnit .

Take the phone direct to a Samsung Repair Centre, where you will receive service direct from the manufacturer.

That's exactly what i'm planning as soon as they return my phone "unfixed".

Been with Vodafone since 2002 - extremely disappointed with them.

My contract will be finished soon and they will have lost another customer.

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

Hi I have just experienced exactly the same issue with my Flip3.

Phone in perfect condition, always left in its case and unblemished. Wouldn't open totally flat so sent it in to be fixed under warranty. 

Vodafone informed me it was going direct to Samsung for repair but was instead sent to Vodafone repairs.

Picked up by DPD, but travelled around their network for 1.5 weeks!

Finally arrived at service centre phone now apparently missing screen cover, covered in scratches and metal housing dented.

Vodafone stated phone is damaged so out of warranty, offered to cover 50% of the £600 charge or send the damaged phone back and accepted no responsibility! Requested they investigate with their courier but they were dismissive and advised taking it up with independent ombudsman.

Will follow up and take to small claims court. We recorded all the telephone calls as soon as they told us the phone was now damaged. 

Lesson from this is only deal with the manufacturer (which we thought they were going to do) and contact vodafone for network issues. Contract up in two months so will head to an alternative provider.

That does not surprise me.y advice to anyone with a phone fault.

1.Take it to a vodafone shop where they will return it.

2. Take detailed pictures of it in the shop.

3. Get the assistant to verify there is no physical damage.

I think this is an easy ploy for them to pass on the costs. I'm sure Samsung are not aware they are doing this.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Apologies for the delay with the delivery from DPD @flipdamaged, it's disappointing to see it took this long for them to get this to our Repair Centre. When we repair a phone under warranty, we have to return it to a good as new condition, sometimes this will include completing repairs not covered by the warranty. When this happens a charge will be incurred for this work. If you'd like us to check what additional work had to be done to fix your device, pop us a message via one of our social channels and we'll be check this for you. 

Hi Mark,

We spent 4+ hours talking to resolution managers and customer relations team members all of which didn't take any responsibility for the phone being MIA for 1.5 weeks and the ensuing damage caused. What would be the benefit of reaching out to Vodafone social channels. Seems as though our only recourse here is small claims court. Fortunately we recorded all the telephone calls so should be relatively straight forward as Vodafone weren't willing to remedy the damage caused through their process.

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

Received my flip4 back from Vodafone repair centre.

The phone problem was a bright green line down one side of the screen.

There now, mysteriously, appears to be a very small ident at the bottom of the green line and one on the hinge section.

So the phone would have had to be dropped twice or dropped once, damge the hinge, bounce open and then damage the screen.

Wonder if Vodafone repair centre could shed any light on this.

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

Sounds as though the same has happened to our phone. It's on it's way back to us but seems to share similar new damage - dents, scratches and in our case now a missing screen cover?!

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

Received our phone back from Vodafone last night. The screen is completely destroyed, huge black line and lots of bubbles on the center of the screen. Totally destroyed by either DPD or their service centre which appears to be a third party.