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Off topic

Website blocked by content filter?

1: Seeker

Hi there, 


Was sent here to ask the question instead.


I'm a web developer and a client of mine is having trouble with her site and getting reports that people from vodaphone are being blocked when trying to enter the site.


Was wondering if I could get this placed onto a whitelist as its just a fashion website:


Would appreciate any help! 😃


Kind Regards



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Hey @pullinger1994, we'll be happy to get this looked into for you. To help us with this, does your client know which service is blocking the access? Is it a content control bar, or our Secure net service? Knowing this will enable us to give our Network team to identify the problem and get this sorted as soon as possible. 

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3: Seeker

pullinger1994, maybe it's not about Vodafone's filters list, but about addons'? A lot of developers do not care about testing process of their built websites. But it's pretty important thing during any developing process of the site. Although there are a lot of responsible websites on the dev market like this ( here: ), it's not so common thing to find such responsible site builders.

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