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Resolved! Voicemail number - 864236245

  I had a missed call today from and this was followed by a voicemail notification I pressed the green phone button to call it and listen to the message but the phone dialled the following number 864236245   Bemused by this i called 121 which I alway...

steveo67 by 12: Established
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*Generic hello message*

Hey all, just signed up to the forum so basically just saying "hi".I'm sure that when I can be bothered, I'll put more info in about myself.Anyway, cheers all!

SyG by 3: Seeker
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Innovative use of Vodafone signage

I'm recently back from a trip to Goa. An amusing aspect of my travels there was the innovative use of the sign writing provided generously by all the Indian mobile phone networks. Some had the name of the business appended, but some enterprising firm...

Annie_N by Community Champion (Retired)
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Cyber streetwise 2.0 - The Uks biggest ever online safety campaign.

Hi   With the march of technology continuing, our mobile devices are able to do more things every day. It's no longer just contact numbers being stored, but bank details, security passwords and hundreds of other things that we use daily. While this m...

Ellis_VF by Community Manager (Retired)
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Resolved! Vodafone Smart DayView accidentally Un-installed

I recently accidentally un-installed my Vodafone Smart DayView, (the time/date/weather/appointment/calender link) widget on the homescreen. Cannot find it anywhere to download or re-install. I have a smart 4 power running on Android kitkat. I would r...

PaddyMoh by 3: Seeker
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Win a Vodafone Smart Tab 4

Hi Guys   There is still time to win a Vodafone Smart Tab 4. This great device boasts an 8 inch screen, a battery that goes for hours and Android Kitkat 4.4.   To be in with a chance to win one, all you need to do is head over to our blog here and an...

Ellis_VF by Community Manager (Retired)
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Aaargh P4U insurance

Hi anyone out there super frustrated over the P4U thing? I changed to voda (after being with O2 for 13 years) because the deal P4U offered me was great, especially the insurance they offered. I.e. If you have a problem with your phone you just take i...

Northampton now seems to be 4g

I have been getting a 4g signal in Northampton for last few days. Coverage checker shows nothing planned within next three months!

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Vodafone To Launch Broadband And TV Services.

According to a BBC report. Well, if these services will be anything like the service they provide to their mobile phone customers our screens will probably be blank. Do not adjust your set.

froggerty by 16: Advanced member
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