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Vodafone To Launch Broadband And TV Services.

According to a BBC report. Well, if these services will be anything like the service they provide to their mobile phone customers our screens will probably be blank. Do not adjust your set.

froggerty by 16: Advanced member
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Resolved! No Happy! Sim Card

Well I must say I am not a happy chappy with Vodafone at the moment. My phone broke yesterday and I have to revert to my old phone. However I need a new sim card. Popped in to Vodafone shop - bit of a trek as they are always in the town centre which ...

Free Amazon Apps

Hi All  I dont know if anyone has already mentioned it but until 1st November Amazon a letting people download a number off apps that are normally chargeable. Some are for using on a Kindle or other tablet, but its worth a look in case you findsometh...

shinwar by Community Champion (Retired)
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UK Roaming

So according to the Telegraph we could all soon be roaming accross any of the mobile networks in the UK. It looks like the government want to make it law to allow you to roam onto another network should your own not be available... good idea or not? ...

Nabs by 17: Community Champion
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Lithium batteries and air travel

Because of the fire risks associated with lithium batteries, there are strict rules on carrying them on planes, particularly as spares. Spares must be carried in your carry-on bag rather than hold luggage, and the general principles are set out at le...

Annie_N by Community Champion (Retired)
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Forum Ranking Changes

Hi Everyone   Over the next few weeks we are going to be implementing some changes to improve our customers experience with our forum. While the way in which our customers use the forum will not change dramatically, the changes will make it easier to...

Ellis_VF by Community Manager (Retired)
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Badge Focus - Welcome to the community

Hi everybody   Have you noticed that other people seem to have more badges than you do? That some people’s profiles are full of many different awards while you only have a couple visible to you? If you have, this likely means that you have not earned...

welcome.png author.png communicator.png thank you.png
Ellis_VF by Community Manager (Retired)
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Introducing badges!

Hi Everybody   As you may have noticed, we have recently added a new feature to our community. Now as you engage with your fellow forum members you can earn badges to display on your profile page.   Each badge represents a different action taken or m...

Ellis_VF by Community Manager (Retired)
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