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Blackberry rumoured to run Android instead of its own Os.

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17: Community Champion



I've read quite re a few blogs now running pieces on Blackberry considering using Android OS instead of its own OS.


From Source - idownloadblog "It’s unclear whether the rumored switch would spell the end of the company’s own BlackBerry 10 mobile operating system. RIM once dominated smartphone sales but now has a market share of less than one percent. Moreover, a former BlackBerry CEO has publicly admitted that Apple’s iPhone has single-handily killed his company’s treasured BlackBerry family of smartphones famed for their enterprise security and clickety-clack keyboards."


And from Source - Stuff "BlackBerry's best days are well in the past, it seems, and even though recent devices like the Passport and Classic have generated more interest, the company hasn't quite stabilized. So what's next for the storied phone maker? How about Android? True, BlackBerry 10 phones are able to run (some) Android apps via emulation, but a report out of Reuters this morning claims that BlackBerry is considering releasing a phone based on Google's operating system rather than its own. Reuters cites four sources briefed on the situation, noting that although the move would help BlackBerry refocus its efforts on business management and security software for multiple mobile operating systems - namely Android, of course. The device would assuredly come with the BlackBerry Enterprise Service 12 software and showcase its capabilities."


Personally I know a few Blackberry owners who would be a little sad to hear this news.


Are you a Blackberry die hard fan ?


Do you think it's a positive move by Blackberry or not ?



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