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feedback for fourm

2: Seeker

do you think that vodafone should offers us reward to be helpful with other member like o2-gaffgaff- Virgin media forum, like pay monthy £4 off bill pay as you go £4 on credit every months. 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @ashleybristol1


I'd say No. 

And this is from my own personal experience. 

I was a member on the o2 forum and they introduced a system to paying members for who's helped and who's written tutorials and reviews.

Which could then be used as Credit on Payg or go to Pay some of a person's Pay Monthly Contract. 

This type of Reward can and has led to negativefeeling about who is rewarded, how much and why and the algorithm used by the Network brought into question.

I could go into further detail but I feel this Community Forum does not need this type of system implemented. 

I once run a test on another network and asked a simple question. Over 40 replies later all saying pretty much the same lead me to believe people replied for their own gain. 

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Samsung Gear s3 Frontier Watch.

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16: Advanced member

Why £4? and Why not £3 or why not £5?

Do you see where it can lead too?


And who decides whether the post has been helpful? There are many occassions, you will see a Copy and Paste generic reply. How do you classify that?


Having said that, Vodafone should improve and make the Rating process more Transparent. My biggest issue with this is, when a post is archived, the Thanks and Solution are no longer displayed in the Contibutors Profile.

That Visibility of Status with Lifetime count of Thanks and Solution is Reward I would be happy with.


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