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vodafone-netperform application REMOVE this spyware

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

So I was looking at a log of outgoing traffic on my phone and the myVodafone app has a very dodgy harvesting app included within it.


A quick Google I found this page.


Once I read what this malware/spyware collects on what you do on your phone I disabled it. I am shocked and I dont remember signing up for all my information to be sent to Vodafone


Disable MyVodafone ASAP until you are completely at ease with what it collects


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Have ytou tried turning off network optimization under settings / app privacy?


@chistery wrote:

Have ytou tried turning off network optimization under settings / app privacy?

I just disabled the whole app. It was was doing more than contacting that site.  I have no negative impact by choosing to disable that spying app


I ask this in a curious fashion as the only issue we had in the past was Vodafone's My191 that stealthily installed on symbian devices without permission, now that was considered malware by many of us due to it's OTT use of Data and SMS Eforum link here 

Now the net perform tool is meant to be a way to diagnose issues with Vodafone - and used to be a seperate app. It probably gives more data to vodafone than you'd like but at the same time they need this data to show what masts are there, what's causing issues and how they can fix it. 

If you have actual proof there is malware on the myVodafone app please, give direct these details direct to Vodafone so they can look into it and you never know you could get credit for finding such issues in publications like the register and so on. 

Vodafone know I'll be the first to throw a wobbler (when i turn up and post I'm certain an alarm rings above someone's desk at vodafone's Web team and they all have to draw straws on who has to deal with me - I know i'm that annoying) if things go south. but in this case i feel you may be worrying over nothing. 

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