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Compensation for broadband

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Hi, I'm hoping someone will be able to help me or give me a number to contact for someone who can.I recently had a problem with my broadband where the speed was 0.5 to 1 Meg download when it was 37 Meg prior to that. The fault was eventually traced to under the ground near my home and openreach was sent out to find it. We had them outside the property for 2 weeks digging up both sides of the road/paths and had the inconvenience of having traffic lights outside our property all that time so getting in and out for work was awkward as the lights were either side. Anyway it took over 4 weeks to fix it and when I contacted Vodafone support I was told I wasn't entitled to any compensation despite having no internet for over 4 weeks and the obvious disruption outside. Surely that would fall into compensation? I also had to purchase a mobile broadband dongle from Three for the time it was down so we had something as there's 4 of us and we couldn't watch netflix or anything really. Any help would appreciated. Thanks in advance.



Hi @Spacemen3. It's disappointing to see your post. We completely understand the importance of keeping connected online at home, especially when it affects not only yourself but three other members of the household. In regards to compensation, we're apart of the Automatic Compensation Scheme. If you're using the Openreach network, this covers if your service has stopped working and isn't fully restored after two working days. If you're on the CityFibre access network, automatic compensation only covers an engineer missing an appointment, or delayed activation. You can find more information on this scheme, by heading over to our 'Automatic compensation for Home Broadband' web page.  

Thank you for the reply Jason but I've tried speaking to live chat and also through the main phone number and had no luck with speaking to someone. Do you have a phone number where I can speak to an English speaking operator who can help me? Or an email address I can contact someone. Thanks Stu.

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Just has to lol @Spacemen3  replying to @Jason !  Is that Pete, or am I just getting Spiritualized?  If you don't get any success on automatic compensation, then I'd probably suggest contacting trading standards or the Ombudsman, as it's at the level of breach of contract (does not entitle you to breach it though).

Haha. Well spotted! Not many people would noticed that. Thanks for the reply I will try that if I can't get any further through Vodafone themselves but I'm hoping someone who works for the company will help me or give me a direct line contact number. If not I will go to the ombudsman and obviously leave Vodafone for my Broadband and add it to my list of companies that neither I or my family will ever deal with again.