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Currently have Virgin BB in modem mode connected to Tenda Mesh and Sky Q mini by ethernet

3: Seeker
3: Seeker


In the final month of VM contract. 100mb. and our street has just had Cityfibre added. (No other fibre network apart from Virgin as we are 30 house cul de sac)

My current set up is VM BB hub in Modem mode and connected to Tenda Mesh vide ethernet.

I have my Sky Q including Sky Q minis attached to each Tenda Mesh cube (x4) by ethernet over 3 floors.


Ground floor - VM router to Mesh MW6 - to Sky Q main box.

Ground floor - Mesh - connects to Xbox and Sky Q mini by ethernet

1st floor -Mesh - to PC by ethernet

1st floor -Mesh - to PS4 by ethernet

Loft bedroom- Mesh - to Sky Q mini


As we have 4 teenagers in the house its not uncommon to have 24 devices attached at once!


If I switch to Voda/Cityfibre with SuperWifi plus how is the best way to use with my current set up? 

Can I still connect the SkyQ minis to Superwifi with ethernet? 

Do you put Voda hub in modem mode or would it be better to stop using the Tenda mesh or Voda hub and WifiPlus boosters instead - can Sky Q use this (sky internal mesh wifi switched off)


cheers if anyone knows 



16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Hmm, I'd not heard of Super Wi-Fi plus and reading up on it I'm still a little confused.

First there was broadband, then broadband Pro which gave you boosters and 4G backup. You could also add Alexa to the booster for extra price. Top of the offerings was Broadband Pro Xtra, which added an Apple TV.

Vodafone Pro Broadband | Vodafone UK


But Super Wi-Fi plus sounds like marketing speak to me.

But to the nitty-gritty:

I'm sure your Tenda mesh will knock the Super Wi-Fi boosters into a cocked hat.

If you get FTTP  then there is no need for "modem mode" as the fibre terminal presents Ethernet., so you should be able to connect the Tenda direct to it. You will need to get your username  and password from Vodafone (live chat is the easiest way You may also need to supply the VLAN (911)

The only problem with that is you lose the telephone connection, as that has to connect into the Hub.

The other alternative is to use the Tenda in Wireless Access Mode (assuming it has it, I don't know that mesh) and just use it to replace the Vodafone Wi-Fi.

If you are going to use the Tenda there is no need to pay the premium for Pro, but that leaves you with only one option, Superfast 100 (100 up and down)

A lot to think about I know, and you probably now have more questions so don't be afraid to ask.

I would just advise not cancelling the Virgin until the FTTP is up and running, there are often delays beyond when they say it will be available.

Edit: Edited because I originally missed that it is CityFibre, not Openreach

Hi thanks for replying. 

It's on the homepage - Vodafone Pro Broadband with Alexa built in.


Seems a bargain seeing as I'm on VM 100 at £34 pcm.



16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

That does sound a good price for that speed, even if you are unable to use the Wi-Fi extenders along with the Mesh.

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Have you actually checked if you are in one of the selected areas?



my main concern is making the Sky Q and minis work. 

As Sky Q normally use their own Mesh to communicate with each other it's easier to use ethernet as then they are on the same connection.

As we have so many users  the VM hub would struggle with WiFi so the Tenda mesh ethernet connectors really help. especially as the have two outs.