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Eating Humble Pie after Gateway Address Changed!

14: Advanced member

So, between Thursday and Friday (close as I can tell at midnight) the gateway device that I connect to the internet through appears to have changed from to  *These are gateway addresses not my IP address, I'm not exposing anything that should cause any security issues.


Okay, this happens, not a problem, or it shouldn't be!  The thing is it has made a difference.  While my sync speed to the cabinet has remained the same at 54Mbps (this is expected), automated nightly off-peak speed tests show my maximum data throughput has dropped from 51Mbps to 49Mbps (-4% - bad) while latency to Vodafone's DNS servers has dropped from 10ms to 9ms (-10% - good).


More for information than anything else this is information and comment.  While a 4% throughput drop is a little significant, it's not enough to risk getting fixed.  Should any admins read this, it may be worth mentioning in passing to the network guys!  A switch from one gateway device to another should not be leading to a 4% performance drop, even if the new device is congested!

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