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Eero new connection

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2: Seeker


I’m reasonably confident in tech but just trying to understand setting up a new connection better. 
I'm currently on virgin cable but use an Eero mesh with the WiFi turned off and on modem mode  on the virgin supplied hub/router. I use the Eero to ensure a continent and stable WiFi to ensure several people working from home and then gaming is stable and secure. 

I’m looking at a new connection via the newly available CityFibre connection and Full Fibre but I’m a bit confused with the info on routers. Can anyone illuminate or signpost to an idiots guide. Or failing that state with the Vodafone offered boosters are any good. 



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3: Seeker

Others may have different opinions. I can only give you mine of when it works, it works well.

I have the 900 Mb Fiber service with the UltraHub. I get 920 -980 Mbs top speed by speed testers and have no issue when downloading in real life, seems very stable. I get peak 2400 Mbs on WIFI with a M2 Macbook but this does vary over time sometimes dropping to about 1400Mbs but it is usually about 2000Mbs. I'm not sure if its the macbook or UltraHub causing the dip but in practise it doesn't cause a problem and coverage across the house with boosters is good. Voice works well. For a plug and play device for the most I would say it is one of the best I've had (I've used Draytek, Asus and TP-Link before on FTTC). Another aspect is that it looks decent, small footprint, no ugly antennae and neutral colour. The 4G emergency backup dongle never worked for me so I removed it

There are 2x 2.5 Gb Lan ports plus an SFP+ port (which may or may not work?) for ethernet connection and the amount of configuration capability is essentially zero. I just put my own switch/routers off the back of the ports for ethernet connections


The main limitation is the lack of configuration capability as it as all locked down