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Fibre installation

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2: Seeker

Good afternoon,I live in a top floor flat-3 floor and the building is 10 years old..I have an appointment with City fibre next month for fibre question is how they will push the fibre up from the pavement to my flat..?do they do it through an underground pipe that goes up to my flat?or they tack up an exterior pipe that runs the building s exterior wall?I'm quite stressed because if they do it with the external pipe like the old buildings I'll might have issues with the building factor's..I have landlord s permission by the way.. thank you in advance..



Hi @Vas88Your building may already be set up with Full Fibre allowing CityFibre engineers to bring the Full Fibre connection into your home. That being said, to connect your property to full fibre broadband, CityFibre will install two new connection boxes, one on the outside and one inside the building. The box on the outside is called a Junction box, which holds the fibre cable and is about the size of a mini-iPad. CityFibre then take the fibre cable through the wall and connect it to another box inside your property called an ONT box. For the ONT box to connect, it must be plugged into a power socket. 

As touched on above, CityFibre will need to bring your full fibre cable into your property. To do this, CityFibre will drill a small hole through an external wall and thread the cable through it; for taller buildings and flats, to ensure CityFibre engineers comply with Health and Safety guidelines, they may also drill a small hole on your external wall to attach their ladders whilst working at height.

Before carrying out any works on your property, CityFibre engineers will confirm all requirements for drilling with you. For more information about their installation process and what to expect, please visit the CityFibre installation information page.

Thank you very much for your help I really appreciate it