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Other broadband queries

Gigafast/CityFibre Edinburgh - Questions

2: Seeker

I posted the message below in the Boradband connection forum a few weeks ago and I didn't get any replies. Can anyone help here instead?...


I'm out of FTTC contract and thinking about signing-up for Gigafast, but I've just had some surprising answers to some pre-sales technical questions when chatting to Manisha on web chat. Can someone verify if what I've been told this afternoon is correct please?:


1. Static IP. Yes, this can be provided.

2. Can I use my own (Ubiquiti) equipment? Apparently only if you're in Milton Keynes! Elsewhere CityFibre don't allow it!

I was expecting to be told that the ONT has a gigabit Ethernet connection that I can connect to my Unifi Gateway, into which I provide the username/password/VLAN ID of the Vodafone account. This answer was a bit of a surprise and I'm *really* not sure if it's correct.


I didn't get any further than 2 above, so didn't I get to ask the following questions. I'd like to connect a landline. Not wanting to use the Vodafone router, I've read that it's virtually impossible to get SIP details from Vodafone, so my plan was to transfer our Plusnet landline number to a 3rd party SIP provider such as sipgate after getting the fibre provisioned...


3. I've got a 20mm flexible conduit running from the point where a fibre would enter the house, running with gradual bends to where I'd like to place the ONT. There's a 13A supply available.  Would this be a problem?

4a. Can a new FTTP connection be provisioned without requesting a landline phone number and without placing a cease request on our existing Plusnet FTTC service?

4b. Is there anything preventing third party SIP traffic passing over the Vodafone network?


Any help from the Community would be much appreciated. Cheers.

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