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How to apply a static ip address?

2: Seeker

Hi there


I asked from vodafone a static ip address, and they emailed me one.


I was trying to apply it to my router (I have the new one) and I can't do it. I tried by IP4V to put in the new static ip address,  but than I checked online, and I had a different ip address.


Any solution? 

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16: Advanced member

It is not possible for you to apply the address, it has to be done by Vodafone. Basically they will put your static address in their DHCP server and it will hand it to your router. Have you rebooted the router since being given the address as that should trigger your router to get it.

If you don't get it after a reboot, they have done something wrong.

Edit: I should say I have no definitive proof that that is how it works, but I can't see any other way,

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