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Moving home - Keeping static IP

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Good afternoon All,

We are roughly 12 months into our 24 month contract. We have had a static IP from the start. We use the static IP for conditional access to a number of different work related VPN networks as well as external work related zero trust services.

We are moving house on January 6th (which is already incredibly stressful as it is) and the Broadband Movers Team have advised that we will lose the static IP that we have had since the inception of our contract, is this right?

It will take hours, if not days, to get this updated across mine and my partners work systems and their external suppliers systems. 

It also looks as though they have removed the Static IP Add-on in the summary and have increased the plan cost to match the current bill but without the static IP. 

If we lose the IP and have to go through the whole debacle of getting it updated everywhere then we will not be renewing when our contract is up for renewal we will move to an alternative CityFibre provider that would have been able to facilitate this as to be quite frank it’s going to add so much unwarranted hassle. 

The adviser was also highlighting that they have waived the early termination fee and matched the existing contract termination date. This sounds like they have generated a new contract for the new premises. If this is the case, are we subjected to the same 14 day cooling off period and can we cancel immediately post move if we do lose the static IP that we have been using for some time? 

We have been happy with the service provided up until this house move, but cannot understand why something in theory so simple is such a big problem for the movers team.