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Obtain return label for broadband equipment

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I have this problem:

I need to return the 4G dongle BUT the link in the email for generating a returns label is broken.

Screenshot 2024-04-27 at 18.55.15.png

I have tried the "chat" support, including sending them the link above, but after an hour trying to reason with an Indian that looks at what you write then does whatever they damn well choose, still don't have a returns label. 

They did book a courier to show up at an empty house though, which isn't what I asked for, and they did ignore all requests to escalate to somebody who understood written English and was interested in helping.

Is there anybody on the forum that can escalate this to a competent person please? @Janey perhaps?

I would like returns label that I can pop on a jiffy bag and pop in the post; as the email with the broken link describes. Hopefully not beyond the wit of man. 



16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Is there not a Vodafone shop anywhere near you?

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2: Seeker

I could waste a weekend afternoon.

Happy to if Vodafone pay overtime for doing their job. 

I'd prefer to leave it on the doorstep for postie though. 🙂

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On the second attempt I got to speak with a human who understood written English and responded to what was actually written instead of doing whatever the heck they fancied.

Vodafone don't provide a returns address.Vodafone don't offer a returns label to print. Vodafone can however post you a bag to post back.

Advice for anybody else reading this would be:

(1) Ask for a "returns bag" to be sent to you not the "returns label" to print that the email references

(2) If the first person you get on chat is stupid, stubborn, and fairly obnoxious...just give up and retry later

(3) do this the moment you renew the broadband contract as it can take a while

(4) video yourself putting the dongle in the bag and the bag in the post then upload to say youtube (just in case they lose it; as the contract says it's your problem to return it and their processes look fairly janky)

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @markocosic - I'm sorry to hear the experience you've had with arranging the return. If you do still need help, then so we can get it escalated, please message us on Social Media

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3: Seeker

Same as this and few other very similar posts, I cannot return old equipment very easily, because I've been sent the same automated email that is just linked with a completely wrong URL l (that certainly doesn't help you create a return label). And the correct URL does not show up in any kind of search - onsite or google. 

It's annoying they send every customer to this faulty journey pretty much deliberately - by now they should have found out the link is wrong, and changed the email template. Need to go through lengthy repetitive chats for something so simple is not great experience. I have lost 45min of my work day so far for the label issue, where I chose, reviewed and signed an entire 2Y contract for less than 10 min during the weekend. Wish me luck with the chat support, I may return my old equipment after many efforts!