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Other broadband queries

Port forwarding - port 22 cannot be configured as it is reserved for internal usage

2: Seeker

Hi All,


I have recently upgraded my home broadband package and as a result, Vodafone have sent me out a new 'improved' router with model number THG300 (the last one was an ancient Huawei thing they used which apparently I cannot continue to use as it is "unable to handle the new line configuration").


Now, I have multiple servers on my LAN which are running multiple resources which I need access to from over the internet. Therefore, I am trying to configure the port forwarding rules within the router's GUI. I have added a rule to forward traffic on port 21 to my FTP server, 443 to one of my web servers, 445 to an Active Directory server etc etc.

However, when I try to forward port 22 to in order to SSH to a jumpbox, I get a message saying "port cannot be configured as it is reserved for internal usage. Please use a different port".

This obviously raises questions......
1. Why do Vodafone require access to 'something' on my LAN via SSH?

2. Why can I not continue to use my old router

3. Why do the Vodafone support helpdesk keep telling me, "we do not support port forwarding" and are unwilling to raise the request to 2nd line/3rd line as "they are not customer facing" and "there is no issue".


Is there anyone else going through the same stuff?


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16: Advanced member

Vodafone's routers are designed for ease of use, and also so that settings can be checked and altered remotely by tech support.  It's common practice to SSH in port 22, which is why it's going to be blocked in this manner.  That's pretty much just the way it is.  So it leaves you two options, either change the port for the device you want to connect to, or switch to a third-party router.


As for supporting port forwarding, it's not supported as there are simply so many issues that arise because of it.  It's one of those abilities that once you start to use it, you are on your own, pretty much no matter which consumer-grade ISP you go with!

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1: Seeker

still, the need to keep port 22 for service, besides being a doubtful practice which blocks a service quite quite useful, does not explain why we are prevented from mapping a high public port, say 22022, to local port 22 on a local machine. 


surely this doesnt impair vodafone access to the router, nor would they ever want to access the network beyond the router.

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