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Relationship between Static NAT and/DMZ and Port Forwarding?

2: Seeker

What I'm looking to achieve is to have a sertain set of port & protocol combinations sent to one IP address, and everything else sent to another.


For example:


Set up in port forwarding:

80/TCP ->

443/TCP ->


Then in Static NAT/DMZ

Local Host:


Will this work as I hope?


Many thanks in advance,


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2: Seeker



Does no-one have any idea about this?

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16: Advanced member

A part of the problem for the lack of responses could be that different routers could handle such requests differently.  It's also very uncommon that you'd really want to have a local machine completely exposed all the time - where we do tend to do this we'd tend to use an end to end VPN/tunnel!  Maybe if you tell us what you are trying to do, rather than how you are trying to do whatever, we might be able to offer more help!

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4: Newbie


Depending on the Vodafone router model you have, follow my instructions on how to setup port forwarding on the THG3000 (current rectangular grey router). There is also the older Huawei model which is a square router with red lights at the bottom, the instructions would vary but it is all done under the Internet - Port Management - Port Mapping menus.

THG3000 instructions:- 


The other thing you will need to do first is setup the router to set static DHCP IP addresses to each of the 3 devices and then reboot the router so the IP addresses won't change. Then you can just select the device name when setting up the tcp ports from the link above.

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2: Seeker

Thanks - but I already know how to do it. What I was asking was if I do *both*, which one comes first? That is, if I port forward and also set a DMZ host (regardless of reasons for doing so) - is the defined port forwarding done first, or does the DMZ host setting override and the forwarding is not done at all?


I was hoping someone's already tried this to save me the bother of experimenting, that's all :Smiling:

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16: Advanced member

The order in which you make the settings "probably" shouldn't matter (unless once you change one it unsets the other).

Hopefully, in the very near future, this shouldn't be an issue since we seem to have IPv6 in beta on the network!

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2: Seeker

It's not the ordering of making a setting that's the important thing here. It's the precedence by which they operate inside the router.


Experiment: a packet comes into my router on port 80 on my static IP address. Which of the following scenarios happens?


1. The port mapping grabs it and sends it towards the defined IP address.

2. The NAT/DMZ grabs at and sends it towards its defined IP address?


That's what I'm trying to determine, here.


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