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Nuisance calls from broadband activation team

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

So about a month ago I had a cold call from Vodafone asking if I would like to renew my broadband/phoneline contract for a further 2 years, which I was happy to do so. The lady on the phone advised they would be delivering a VOIP adapter thing to plug into the router and that the phone lines will switch over at some point. I didn't really care too much about the landline, it hardly gets used. All good so far.

Fast forward a few weeks and I find that I am being constantly hounded by "The Broadband Flying Start Team" about a delay in my order activation and that they are looking into it. They call several times a week, leave constant SMS and voicemail messages when I choose not to answer. When I do answer, its always the same security questions and then the same message: "your order is delayed and we'll call you back in a few days to update". I have asked them not to call but they still do! How do I get them to leave me alone?! The broadband and old analogue phone line are both working as expected. 



Hey @JammyDodger47 I'm sorry to hear about the delay and the frustration caused by all of the messages and calls. The Broadband Teams are required to keep you fully up to date on any delays and will make efforts to contact you regularly to keep you in the loop. Texts and emails will be sent automatically but if you would like the team to call less, you will need to speak to the Broadband team on 0333 304 0191 and have them note this in your case. 

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Makes a change from the usual; "nobody keeps me updated" posts.