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Remove defeat from my account

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Hi, hopefully someone can help me with my query. Vodafone has been putting me on default for £101 for 6 years . Finally I paid the full amount but I shouldn’t be on default at all.When I move home I asked Vodafone to transfer my internet service to my new home. They  said they can’t offer me this request as they don’t have  any available spaces in the BT box and for that reason they will early terminate the contract. So I cancelled the direct debit. After around month I received an invoice to pay which I refused to pay. After that I had been contacted Vodafone five times and they manager/ managers said that I’m correct and they will cancel the outstanding balance and close my account. After month I received another invoice and another… I have five times confirmation of management that they will sort it out for me but unfortunately they never did cancel it. So please help me out, please. Finally I decided to pay as I can’t sort out the issue but that was too late. I have been already in default. Please help me.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @skkiton - it's not good to hear this is reflecting on your credit report. I can understand your concern and we do take this seriously. My team can check what's happened and then liaise with our Credit Assessment team for you. Please send us your details via Social Media