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Restricted choice of DDNS providers and Wake On Wan enablement with Gigafast Router, This is the way

4: Newbie

As many of you will know, there is a severe lack of DDNS providers, especially FREE and easy to setup such as, as an example. Why such a lousy choice makes one wonder as to the thinking behind such a decision, compared to other enlightened router providers.

The other point I'm making, is the lack of being able to use WOW/WOL magic packet technology to wake up, as an example, SOHO  home servers or other equipment, whilst away from home. 

The two points noted could be embedded into the expert/advanced mode of the Gigafast router and made available to those who want to remote into their home networks.

With the Gigafast router so poorly provided with what many would take as standard features these days, they have turned to using out of provision routers that support these and other features, but with the loss of the VF landline due to the VOIP parameters not being released for public use.

So what to do. This is the way...

Get an old Android phone or Tablet and use two apps to do the job.

Doesn't even need a Google account to be enabled as the apps can be downloaded off piste from Apkpure and sideloaded, or get from Google Play with an account.

First app is Wake on Lan proxy by Freekazoid Apps. Free.

Second app is FreeDNS Updater by Sartaj Roshan, Free

or DDNS app of your choice.

Once these are installed, router and phone setup with port forward, ports and fixed IP, it all works very well. Not forgetting enabling network equipment for WOL. 

So what does that leave us with?

We're using the company router, so no arguments about unsupported routers!

We can keep the VF VOIP landline going.

We are repurposing surplus phones/tablets to enable a better SOHO service then originally provide for. 

No more PITA!!

Next step, Wireguard...

Hope this helps.








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