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Gigafast VoIP Settings Own Router... Yes another thread!

2: Seeker

So, I'm using my own expensive Ubiquiti equipment (Router, Switch and Various WIFI Access Points), got it all setup PPPOE using the provided by Vodafone but then it struck me?! what about the phone and it looks like there is many threads for Vodafone to hand over the VoIP details but little success. 

Currently I've resorted into using the VF Router and Bridged it into my Ubiquiti equipment on a different subnet which is less than ideal because technically speaking, I'm still using the VF router, with just more settings.


Has anyone had any luck in recent weeks/months? any stance change by VF on matter? if we were to disable dchp wouldn't the lan or wan port pickup the connection when plugging the VF into a 3rd party router? allowing the VOIP a connection?

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3: Seeker

Currently looking for same solution.   Want to upgrade my wifi to a UDM Pro at the front end and then add the various mesh access points and the CCTV to the Unify network.  Am on Gigafast 900 service, but am really not convinced I'll eb able to get the VOIP element of my Vodafone package working.  


Anyone found solutions to this yet?   I read about the bridge option, but also saw this introduced double NAT issues?


Do Vodafone now give out the required VOIP info so you can set up a third party router?

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3: Seeker

.....and I just noticed this on the support page:


@VodafoneSUpport wrote:

Please note: If you choose to use your own router to access our Gigafast services, you’ll be unable to use Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) products.

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