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Smart Devices not staying connected or "no data"

4: Newbie

Recently I got two smart devices which do not work.  1 is Schneider Drayton Wiser 3 Smart Home Hub with 2 x w/l thermostats. The other is the Smart Doorbells (two of which I failed to get working).  So Smart objects have won 3 nil against me.

Both Mobile App setups ask for their devices be connect to my router (no password necessary) and both connect but with a "no data available" mode. Then setup asks to revert the Mobile back to my regular router SSID instaed of the Device SSID. I guess this is same for all smart devices to act as a server to the mobile phone.  

I have checked in both cases the same WiFi1 (or Wifi2) are adhered to. The Doorbell does state a requirement for 2.4GHz and "Inteligent WiFi" to be enabled on my Phone.  The Wiser 3 makes no qualification on GHz.   I have the latest Vendor App firmware too.  I also read the 2023 forum post on similar issues and checked WiFi channels, though  2.4GHz does not show my router or my devices at all. 5GHz ditto. 

I am assuming it has to be the intellligent WiFi services not being intelligent enough for both smart devices, but that is beyond my knowledge.


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

I've only set up one Drayton Wiser hub, I don't have access to that network now, and that was probably more than a year ago.  I had a quick look at the installation videos online just to double-check, and it really shouldn't be that difficult.
*I'd never have installed the Netatmo system I have, if these had been available at the time, as while the software is near identical, the installation would have been so much easier (though I would never have picked up on the bad wiring in the service cupboard).

Agreed 100%_________ "it really shouldn't be that difficult."

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Thanks to all for your support. I have since spent (wasted) the past 3 days working with Schneider-Drayton the reseller of this product. There support was pathetic and their response over 10 or more emails was simply to repeat the setup instructions. They refused to do a live Zoom, and today I asked to be sent their 'Return Authorisation Form' for a full refund.  So this matter is now closed and thanks for your patience. 

There is a 9 minute video I sent them showing my full process start to finish but the supplier could only reply "Repeat the set up procedure".  If you wish to see the video I can put a share link here - but frankly perhaps better to give up.