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Guest access and prioritising devices

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

Is it still possible to (1) Set a schedule for guest WiFi access; and  (2) Prioritise a particular device which is connected to one’s WiFi? I think it isn't, despite various Vodafone websites boasting that it is. I have asked two Vodafone representatives and neither of them could understand the question, still less provide an answer.


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Thank you. It seems, then, that you can no longer schedule guest access; you can only switch it on and off manually. Nor can you prioritise a device, although that also used to be possible. The Vodafone 'Kickstart' team has just gone to great lengths to explain to me, incorrectly, how I can prioritise a device. It seems nobody has told them it is no longer possible. This is their purpose, according to the Linked-in page of Richard Maynard, Head of Business Customer Care:   Kick-Start will look after our SME customers from point of sale through to their first bill, proactively picking up on key early life queries and ensuring our customers have an amazing start to their journey with Vodafone. We’ve empowered the team to take full ownership of all queries removing any need for the team to transfer the call to anyone else.   I’m really looking forward to seeing what Kick-Start can achieve in the coming months…

The start has indeed been amazing, but not in the way Richard Maynard means. The team seems unable to do anything.