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THG3000 with ASUS TUF-AX3000

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2: Seeker

Good evening, I have been trying to set up my Asus TUF AX3000 to use as a main router to extend my signal across my house, the default supplied router just isn't cutting it however I can't seem to get it going. I would assume I would use the THG3000 to use as a Modem and I connect the Asus router to it, then use that as the router to connect to however I can't seem to get it going. Is this possible or will I require a different modem to purchase instead of the Vodafone supplied modem/router?

If I can get it working, how would I go about doing it as clearly I'm doing something wrong.. I've had my Vodafone Internet password and have put that into the Asus router, which doesn't make a difference however I never expected it to, any suggestions? Thanks 😁


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

You haven't said if you are on FTTC or FTTP, but as you mentioned modem mode, I will assume FTTC.

The THG3000 doesn't have a modem mode, so forget that.

If you just want to take advantage of the superior Wi-Fi capabilities of the ASUS, you could use Access Point mode.


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2: Seeker


If the Access Point Mode solution did not work out for you. I had occasion to swap my Openreach modem for the THG3000 Vodafone hub to connect my Asus router. I wanted to keep the number of changes on the Asus router configuration low as I swap between the Openreach modem and Vodafone hub for troubleshooting (keeping my devices connected to the Asus router (for it's features and present configuration)). Here, I can interchange the Asus router DHCP default gateway IP address between (when connected to the Openreach modem) and (when connected to the Vodafone hub).

I imagine with this setup the landline phone will also work, but I have not tried it yet.