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Ultra Hub Pro 2 Password Requirements

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I am considering swapping my broadband from BT to Vodafone and therefore my BT Whole Home (Mesh) system with Vodafone’s Pro 2 Ultra Hub 6e Super Wifi product.


I have read on here in detail about the lunacy of Vodafone not allowing the splitting of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, as well as removing the ability to select channels.  What an utter nonsense!?! 🤦🏼‍♂️🤨

I am sure that this switch, if I go ahead with it, will cause me all sorts of headaches with set up as I have both plenty of Sonos devices and a lot of 2.4GHz ‘smart’ devices that run various key services through my home (eg. central heating etc) as well as many of the usual bulbs/sockets etc.  However my plan is to use the same SSID and password on the new VF router as on my current wifi network, so as many as possible of these devices will hopefully simply connect to the new system without requiring re-setting up.


I seem to recall reading somewhere (but now can’t find it again!) that the Pro 2 Ultra Hub requires a particularly strong password (12 digits maybe?).  My current system has a wifi password of only 10 digits, so if I need to change the password on all the smart devices etc to one that complies with the minimum standard required by the VF router, I would rather do it now, on my BT system when I can still make the changes on the 2.4GHz smart devices.


The problem with that is I cannot find anywhere a full user manual for the Pro 2 hub which tells me what those minimum password strength requirements are!


Could somebody who does have one of these hubs kindly let me know?


Also, if anyone has any suggestions or advice for me that might help or indeed be a better way of overcoming these absurd restrictions that VF seem to have made than I am planning, or just to make the migration from the BT system to the VF one as painless as possible I would be very grateful of hearing your thoughts!


Many thanks indeed in advance for your help! 👍🏻




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16: Advanced member

@olders  For reasons best known to Vodafone there are no manuals. The nearest you can get is in the FAQ section where there are some links to rather underwhelming videos.

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Is there really no one out there who can help me with this?

hi i have the pro 2 router and it is very good it go all round my house with out the booster when i first got it i changed the wireless key and the login to the router password so i now that they are my passwords not vodafone set up  and yes they have to be 12 our more 🙄

@phionex99  Thank you very much!