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Vodafone Power hub

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I can honestly say this new power hub is the worst piece of kit ever i have used in all my years of wifi.

They have cut the ability to split 2.4 and 5 ghz bands and also we selection because they think compatability mode allows connections of every piece of kit you have, think again it is useless.

Your existing repeaters, printers do not connect , yet they will connect to BT, SKY, Virgin hubs no problem .

The previous Intelligent router was much better although it did not have wifi6, but who actually needs that anyway? Because you split the wifi bands and set up your equipment to connect to 2.4ghz independently. 

Also the Power hub does not allow casting on to for example a smart TV, all my other routers did.

It is a pointless exercise contacting help desk , hours spent re booting is another farce.

Point is Vodafone have you signing for 2 years , make sure you quit before the 14 day return period is over.




13: Advanced Member

Yes, it does seem like work in progress. Bugs to be ironed out, performance to be improved. Wifi takes forever to come up after a config change, and if it doesn't come up then a reboot is needed!

The Fire TV stick is connected via ethernet and after about a week it loses the connection with the router and I have to reboot it. I will use a stopwatch to time how long it takes to be fully functional again, it seems like it takes nearly 10 minutes! 

As for the smart tv and printer sharing, have you tried to enable the sharing options on the router like DLNA and printers? 

Wifi6 is the bonus though, I do get better connections upstairs in the house and my laptop and mobile phone do actually get much better connection speeds now. I'm on the fence about the signal strength though, I am still monitoring that. 

Hi, I find the actual signal strength does not penetrate any more than the old broadband,  it just has more mbps which is not strength.

I have tried every which way but loose, I have to use USB connection on hp printer.

The problem is the wep control with your existing kit, the compatibility mode is not configured. 

The old intelligent hub you could separate the channels and everything then would connect.

I still got 200mbps from the old hub and really wifi6 makes no difference to the household user, it just has wep3 security which who knows any difference I am sure nothing on the power hub has ever been tested for practical users 

5: Helper

Due to Vodafones order issues I ended up with 2 UltraHubs and 2 boosters which I placed in different rooms, the wifi has been the best bit for me on the ultrahub. I can get 2400mbs on wifi with a macbook , so it can work, just don't have any control, I appreciate it may not work for you though.  It's very much better than the previous TP_Link Archer and silly Asus Gaming router with multiple antenna. Having said that I dislike the UltraHubs lack of configurability 

I have an Edwardian brick house with proper walls by the way


Hi,  I got my hp printer to connect to an extender which had its own web interface, there was no way it would connect to either vodafone intelligebt router or the power hub directly.
I have been messing about since 2 May anf finally got stuff working, but never have any issues with other isp ,s.
To be honest if i had known BT were going to delay cutting out copper connection until 2027 i would have never changed to fttp, but its done now. I get £95 cash back for Vodafone in August so that eases my pain , get me..

5: Helper

Strange, I have a HP Color LaserJet MFP M377dw  (2017 model) and it connects fine by wifi, no idea sorry, guess I must be lucky 🤔

yes my hp connects to wifi, just not Vodafone wifi....