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2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I have just signed up to Vodafone internet.  I live in a rural area and Openreach only provide fibre to the cabinet.  So I get about 26 mbps max.

However, my house is long and thin with very thick walls.  So I installed a LAN everywhere some years ago, including an annexe across the drive with cable running underground.  I have 7 routers plugged in strategically around the property which give me excellent WiFi coverage !

Previously I had been with Plusnet for 20 years who used to be wonderful but gradually went downhill which is why I moved to Vodafone.

Having completed my new Vodafone installation, it seems to me that the Vodafone router has a far wider range than my old Plusnet and BT routers, two of which are which are Hub One routers; the others are all very old first generation routers.  They all work well, but what surprises me is that whenever I "search" for a router, the main Vodafone is always listed with a full WiFi signal, no matter where I am.  I am impressed but wonder if this new Vodafone router has a stronger signal than the BT Hub One, for instance ?  Even across the drive, I can "see" the Vodafone router through the two exterior walls.  So does the Vodafone router have a particularly strong WiFi signal, maybe due to new technology or am I imagining it ?







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