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Pay as you go

5G Big Value Bundle

2: Seeker

Hi there,

I have just purchased a Google Pixel 5 5G phone and thinking of trying out the Big value bundles that are compatible with a 5G Phone.


After I have purchased this bundle, i'm located in a 5G area and my pixel 5 phone is enabled to pick up a 5G signal.  Does my sim need to have the 5G feature turned on centrally for this feature to work?

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17: Community Champion

Hi @j0nezjm012019uk 


From How-do-I-get-5G. 



So as long as you tick tbe required criteria your good to go.


 From PedroC1999 "Phones do not latch onto the strongest signal.

They follow the network assigned procedure, hence why it's not uncommon to be connected to a weaker signal than is strictly available "

Let us know how you get on if you manage to attain 5G and show off those 5G download speeds that allow faster file downloads.  :Winking_smiley:




Current Phone > Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G - SM9860 Snapdragon.

Samsung One Ui 3.1  / Android 11.

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