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Pay as you go

Are vodafone the worst company in Britain ?

1: Seeker

Vodafone, you are a disgrace and a joke. I have spend three days, YES THREE DAYS, trying to resolve an issue on a PAYG phone for my 84 year old mother. Your pathetic company has done nothing but annoy and frustrate me. I have answered ALL your security questions, I have changed the account into my name, I have issued a PIN, I have issued a password - WHAT ELSE DO YOU PEOPLE WANT ?

You are supposed to be a phone company - PICK UP THE PHONE AND DIAL.

People, if you are considering Vodafone - DO NOT, you will regret it.

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Hi @stuartatk 👋 I am sorry to hear the time it is taking to get this issue resolved, we don`t unfortunately have account access here, but if you contact us by the link here one of the team will be able to look into this further with you.

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