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Pay as you go

Big Value Bundle not coming through

1: Seeker

So...I paid £10 on 10th of April on a credit card, the item is still pending on the card. It usually clears in a day if there is a delay. The £10 was meant for a Big Value Bundle £10 that was done through the website. Oddly, I got 500MB of data immediately, not sure where from (probably the top-up as vodafone gives 500MB usually).  I previously had a £5 plan that I think was 500MB of data. However I had cancelled all the DATA, MINS, etc. that I had prior to topping up on the 10th of April.


I topped up £10 again tonight, 15th of April, through a debit card this time. I then went onto the website to get the BVB10. It said, you have been successful. There has been no confirmation on my phone thus far and it has been roughly an hour. .The £10 credit has just vanished without any goods arriving or txt to say what's going on.


I will try to speak to Vodafone tomorrow...but what the hell is going on? Can they trace what's going on in the back-end? It's really irritating that users can't view what your system is doing with our money.


Oh hang on...22:34 my credit has gone back up??? Still...where's my data! for the top-up. Thought this time I got reward maybe it's cool. I just want a damn plan to be working. I can't get data for a whole month, jeez!


Reply from 49500 to BVB10 - Great Stuff -we're already working on your request and we'll be in touch soon.

A sufficiently vague automatic reply that says nothing. Is this a generated error to an exception that it doesn't recognise or is it saying that my BVB10 is on its way, just that Santa is bringing it in December?


Reply from 49501 to BVB10 - Sorry, we can't renew your Big Valye Bundle because you don't have one on your account at the moment. Don't worry though you can still get a £10, £20 or £30...blah blah blah.


On the account (My Vodafone App) it says: You've opted into Vodafone Freebie Data 10GBP, have a free allownace every 30 days...blah blah blah. So...which is it? How long does it take to change bundles? And is this statement false and not refreshed or what?


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1: Seeker

Resolved through customer services...

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3: Seeker

Funny i had a £5 BVB and when i went to top up to £10 it wouldn't let me, i contact CS and was told i couldn't top up £10 now as the promotion ended, i was in the middle off porting my number from o2 but cancelled as it wasnt worth my while anymore.

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