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Pay as you go

Data Roaming -cheapest way

2: Seeker

I want a plan to roam abroad inTurkey when I travel in June and again in August.


I don't want to use the Vodafone number in the UK, it is purely for travel.


Can I get a sim that will continue to work from June to August, even  when not in a phone and just add a data bundle to it in June and another in August.


Is this the cheapest way to do it? 


I'm happy to pay a minimal money charge from June till after I travel in August to keep the sim live so that I can add the bundles.


I don't want to buy a sim in Turkey as apparently it gets locked after 30 days and you can't use a Turkish sim until you pat taxes on the phone.


Please help!

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17: Community Champion

Apart from using WiFi where possible, available in most cafes and hotels, there is no cheaper way when you are roaming in Turkey @Saba19 


The charges are here: Charge Checker and here: Roaming 


If your phone is unlocked you can always use a local SIM in the phone, that would work out a lot cheaper for calls, texts and data.  If you use Google, you may find some options for a local Turkey network SIM.


If you have a Vodafone PAYG SIM, you will need to add credit and make the first chargeable connection in the UK.

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2: Seeker

Thanks for your response @AnnS 

I don't want to use a local sim as that is a one time solution and won't work when we return.


It seems like buying a pay as you go sim and adding a roaming bundle before I go is the way to do it.

I think this will still work out cheaper than EE who will charge £6 a day for 500MB

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