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How Do I Switch-Off 'Missed Call Texts' ?

2: Seeker

Help Please:

I've recently moved my mobile to Vodafone.
My mobile has been switched off for several days.
Today, when I switched it back on, I got a lot of texts, one for each call I had missed.
It said I could switch-off these 'missed call texts',
by dialing 121 and selecting 'Mailbox Settings'.

So I dialed 121.
I then tried to make sence of the endless message that kept asking me to make a selection.
I could not find 'Mailbox Settings' listed, so I had to check out those that were listed in the

main menu, and eventually found somthing that sounded like 'Mailbox Settings'

But it did not give me any option to switch this OFF (or ON), it just said it was activated!
So I have no clue as to whether it's on or off, or how to turn it off!

I set up an online account for my phone, yet I'm unable to find a way to turn off these texts online either.

Q1: So can I do this online, if so how?
Q2: Also: If I eventually do turn off these 'missed messages texts' will that also stop me receiving normal texts that I may wish to receive?

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17: Community Champion

Hi @walkintheroom


The alert you are referrring to may be slam down notifications for when someone reaches your voicemail without leaving a message.


You can disable this by calling voicemail on 121, selecting option 4 > 3 > 5 to amend the setting.


Please see the link below for voicemail support.



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1: Seeker

"Slam Down Notifications" - what the heck kinda weird terminology is this? Surely calling them "Missed call alerts" would be a more intuitive user experience? A growing percentage of our population will never have put a phone receiver 'down' to end a call.


Bizarre Vodafone, very bizarre.

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2: Seeker

Hi you started this topic in 2018 i am assuming you got sorted by now as it's 2021 3 years later so do you need more help? 

Thanks anyway for using the cummunity 😁😉😁😊😃

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