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Pay as you go

PAYG credit and sim card expiry

1: Seeker


This has been asked in this forum a lot but there's a lot of conflicting information regarding how many days (between 90 or 180 days) before the credit and the sim card expire, I wonder if anyone can clarify it for me.


I'm currently stuck overseas and I don't have access to my PAYG sim, I asked someone to use it so the number would still be active but that person hasn't been able to find it just yet, so I'm getting worried.


I did make a topup back in July... so let's say if I did make my latest topup on 1 July 2020, does that mean I need to make the next one before 28 December 2020 (180 days later) to keep the number active?


And since it's been 90 days since my last topup, does that mean my credit would've expired by now?


Thank you!

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17: Community Champion

Hi @snivy 


Credit does not expire, with it being an Ofcom ruling that all PAYG SIM's have to be in use, the SIM will be disconnected from the network for non use.


You need to refer to the T & C's leaving us/suspending the services here: Vodafone PAYG Terms and Conditions 

As you can see the cut off limit for disonnection from the network is 180 consecutive days.  Vodafone should also send a text reminder to use the service after 90 days of non use.

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8: Helper


"Leaving us/suspending the services. We can suspend, restrict (including, without limitation, prevent you from receiving incoming or making or sending outgoing calls and texts) or stop providing all or part of the services if:


(ii) you do not use the service for 180 consecutive days i.e. you do not carry out any chargeable outbound activity such as making an outbound call (excluding calls to 191), sending an SMS, using data or topping up your account;"

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