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PAYG roaming within Europe

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I'm going on holiday to a European destination.   I assumed that, following the reintroduction of roaming charges, I'd just be charged for each text or phone call, with a daily fee if I used data, as for travelling outside Europe.  However, I've now been told that I won't be able to use my phone AT ALL unless I buy a "Europe pass", but that these are only available for 8 days.   I'm going for 2 weeks, so what am I supposed to do?   The website says that you can't have two passes of the same type at once, so you can't buy a second one until the first one expires.  But, if the first one's expired, I won't be able to access the app or the website and I won't be able to send a text message, so how do I buy a second one?


I tried Vodafone's "Tobi" support, where someone bizarrely told me that I'd need to contact them the day before I expired (seriously), but I don't want to be spending my holiday on hold to a call centre, especially as I'll be with a tour group and can't hold everyone else up.   I found a similar question in the forum which suggested ringing 2345, but, again, presumably I won't be able to make a call once my pass has expired.   Also, I tried ringing 2345, and all it did was tell me what my balance was - it didn't say anything about being able to add a Europe pass.


Europe passes are available for 15 days for pay monthly customers, and Zone D passes are available for PAYG customers, so I don't understand why I can't buy a 15 day European PAYG pass.   Surely the majority of holidays are to European destinations and for two weeks.


Is anyone able to advise me on how to deal with this?   Also, has anyone tried using these extras and is able to confirm that they actually work?   I just don't understand why it's been set up like that - why do we not just get charged per text or call or use of data?  And why are the 15 day passes available to pay monthly customers but not PAYG customers?  And for Zone D but not for Europe?   I'm so frustrated with it all that I'm thinking of changing to a more helpful network.





17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Hi @ADH75 

I totally understand and appreciate you need to fully understand the situation before you travel.

Do any of these help ? 


Just to add sometimes it can be more beneficial to use a local sim card when you arrive as long as your phone us unlocked to all networks.

Enjoy your trip. 

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Thanks, but there's no information there about how to purchase a second pass once the first one has expired.   How do I do this, if the first one has expired and so I can't get online or send a text?

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

It's a difficult one for sure @ADH75 you can't have identical roaming packs activated at the same time, Vodafone make this clear: here .  The only way to add an additional pack when the first one expires where it will activate immediately.


WiFi should also be readily available in many cafes and hotels where you would be able to get an internet connection.


It would certainly make it easier for the PAYG customer if Vodafone offered a 15 day pass, most people go away for two weeks holiday.

Agreed!   The way it's set up is just stupid.   

Community Manager
Community Manager

@ADH75 - thanks for the feedback you've provided. I understand the points you've raised and I've forwarded these to our Support teams. 

Just adding to the information @AnnS has provided here, if you were to use the allowance within the extra before it expired, then you'd then be able to opt into another pass. This can also be done through your My Vodafone account, if you've WiFi access.


Thanks for that, but the whole point is that I need to have 4G access.   If I was going to have wi-fi all the time, I wouldn't need to buy a pass in the first place. 


It feels as if Vodafone are deliberately making things difficult for PAYG customers.   I don't understand why we can't buy a 15 day Europe pass, when they are available to pay monthly customers, and when they are available for Zone D, and I don't understand why we haven't got the option just to be charged per text/call/data usage.   Surely the vast majority of people travelling abroad take a 2 week holiday in Europe, so why won't Vodafone provide a 15 day Europe pass? 


O2's monthly bundle deals include roaming within Europe.   EE offer the option to pay by text/call/data usage.  It is only Vodafone who are making things difficult for PAYG customers.   Why do Vodafone want to make things difficult for us?   





17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

There is nothing stopping you from purchasing two 8 day roaming passes or purchasing an additional pass from your holiday destination when the first pass expires @ADH75 


Roaming passes start at midnight on the day they are added, don't add the pass until the day before you leave the UK.

Thanks, but, as I understand it, the phone will not work at all without a Europe pass.  So, if the first one has expired, I won't be able to get online or send a text to purchase the second one.   So how do I purchase the second one?

@ADH75 You can use the text back code to purchase another one and it adds it almost immediately - details found on the VF extras page Save money | Vodafone Extras