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Pay as you go

Purchasing a new PAYG phone but keeping existing bundle / number

3: Seeker



Is there any issue with purchasing a PAYG phone, but putting my current SIM card in the new phone, and simply disposing of the SIM card that comes with the PAYG phone? 

Obviously I'd rather not spend the extra £10 if I don't need to but I don't mind doing that, to keep my number. I've had a PAYG with a £10 big value bundle for years now and its very convenient. I don't see any advertised mobile phones for existing customers...


Thank you. 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @redpathjmr 


Yes that's fine.

There is no stipulation from Vodafone what phone you must use your sim cards in.

As long as your current sim card is the right size to fit in your new phone and the phone is either locked to Vodafone or unlocked to all network's you'll be good to go.

If it isn't the right size and your current sim card isn't a multi sim card type where different sizes push out of each other then a Vodafone Highstreet Store can perform a Sim swap. Take some photo.

Vodafone Payg phones do come with a minimum top up requirement so maybe use the credit up or gift it to someone you know. 

There isn't an option to sell Payg to existing customers I'm 



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Samsung One Ui 2.5  / Android 10.

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3: Seeker


That would be an option.

After doing some research, would it be possible to get a PAC for my current vodafone number, then apply that PAC to my new vodafone number? 


Then, in theory, I could use up all my credit on my current one, and just top up the new one at the start of the month as normal... not sure if that would work?

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17: Community Champion

Hi @redpathjmr 


You wouldn't use a PAC, that is only for when you change to an alternative network.

Vodafone may be able to change your number to the new PAYG SIM and this would also enable you to transfer any credit or bundle to the new SIM.

However, quite sure the credit will be with the new number so probably a pointless exercise.


@BandOfBrothers  gives the best solution but if you start a live chat, they will confirm.

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