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upgrade to new phone (keep existing airtime plan)

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

If i upgrade to a new device but have not yet paid the rest of my current device plan off, what happens if i trade in? do i still have to pay the remaining balance off my device plan myself? as it says any trade in value would go towards airtime or onto my vodafone account as a balance?


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

If you refer to this link @iamneallyons Evo  scroll down to FAQ's 'When can I upgrade ?' you will have two options:


'Pay off your current Device Plan before upgrading 

Take out a new Device Plan, which will run alongside your current one. These will show as two separate Direct Debits on your bank statement.'


The device plan is a credit agreement, if you pay off the device plan you will be released from the airtime contract.


As far as trade in is concerned, according to this link Trade In you can use the trade in towards 

  • a monthly saving on your Airtime Plan

  • or credit on your Vodafone account

An alternative is to sell the phone privately and use the proceeds as you wish.


How can that work though? as the phone is still under a credit agreement - so right now i have £ to pay off the phone but i can upgrade it and trade it in with vodafone... im saying if i trade this fold4 in - will the trade in value i get go towards paying off my outstanding balance? OR will i be left with a new credit agreement on the upgrade AND a credit agreement on the fold4?

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Yes @iamneallyons , 

The information is on the same Evo link under FAQ's

When you upgrade your Device Plan, your current Airtime Plan, Data Plan or Connectivity Plan will end and a new one will be taken out with your upgrade.


If you are unable to pay off the original device plan, it will run alongside the new device plan and you will have two separate direct debits.

So the credit that goes onto my vodafone account has to stay on my vodafone account? it cant be transferred to to pay off the outstanding device balance?

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

That seems to be correct for the reasons being a credit agreement @iamneallyons Looking at this link Sell My Phone you can have the cash paid directly into your bank account.


Sell the phone privately you will get a lot more and use the proceeds towards paying off the device plan.

Can i sell the phone privately though if its still under the device credit agreement??? I know it used to be the case that you cant sell the phone if its under contract still? IE cant sell to cashconverters or cex etc? or is that not the case anymore?

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

The phone is yours you are free to sell

If you pay off the device loan it will end  

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Hi just wondering what you ended up doing I'm in the same position its quite confusing.