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Vodafone advantage

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

Hi, I've been trying to upgrade my plan with Vodafone. I have been trying to apply the employee advantage promotional code to a new plan with no success. Ive tried this with multiple phones and airtime plans, making sure each time the plan is not already discounted. Each time it says promotional code cannot be applied to basket.

I see this has been raised a few times recently so I decided to call up customer support, they basically outlined there was nothing they could do and that I should take the plan out and try to apply the discount afterwards. But I've read in multiple places that it can only be applied when taking the phone/plan out. Ive used this service a couple of times before and this has never happened.

At a bit of a loss as to what to do now if anyone can assist 



Community Manager
Community Manager

The discount does need to be added at the point of sale online @Karllfc123. Can you check the code provided doesn't have an expiry date and if it does, that it's not past this. If not, please pop us a message through one of our social channels, and one of our dedicated team will be more than happy to help.

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

Hi Mark, thanks for getting back to my query.

I've tried 2 codes one claimed yesterday and one today with the same outcome. I'll message on twitter now. Thanks 

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Hi, did you manage to resolve it? 
I literally have the same issue, talked to 5 different people and they told me nothing can be done. 
Vodafone Customer Service is non existing these days!

Hi, pretty much got told the same thing. I have a feeling they're phasing out the advantage scheme. As every phone I was looking to upgrade with, about 8 different phones and 10 different plans I tried, they told me they had discount already applied. Even though it didn't say it anywhere. So I asked for a list of phones not discounted and there was a list of about 6. All older models and all that.

So I've ended up not upgrading now I'll just ride this phone out till it breaks. Shame really 

Hi, thank you for responding quickly. In my case, I have been trying to upgrade my expiring sim-only plan this month. In previous years, I never had any issues getting the plan discounted through the Employee Advantage Scheme. I have been on the same plan for years and just kept renewing it. I tried adding every sim-only plan to test the code, but it was not accepted. When I spoke to "customer service," several people gave me different explanations, but all said that nothing could be done if the code wasn't working at the point of sale. There is no explanation or assistance available to figure out why the code is not working. (at the end of the day Vodafone is the one who provided me the code at the first place lol AND its not working on any SIM plan). They also told me that there is no one else I could talk to. I even asked them to apply the discount on their end and offered to provide NHS credentials for verification that I'm eligible, but they said that was not possible either. They didn't even offer me any alternative discount to retain me as a customer of 14 years, literally, they were like nothing can be done, no any other discounts can't be offered, bye. I called to lodge a complaint, but I was told it's not possible over the phone, and they provided me with this email address and that's pretty much end of the road.I agree with you; it seems like instead of simply terminating the scheme, they have made it unusable so that it appears to still exist but in reality, they phased it out. What was most disappointing to me is the significant drop in customer service. My entire household uses Vodafone, including our broadband, and in the past, it was always easy to resolve any issues. Now, there is a general lack of care and a patronizing attitude towards customers. Every single person I spoke to couldn't be bothered and just wanted to brush me off without attempting to resolve the issue.I think all of this is due to the financial issues Vodafone is currently facing so they stopped giving discounts.

I recently read that they have been reporting operating losses and will undergo restructuring. Their shares are at an ultimately low rate at the moment. (They are also trying to merge with the 3 network to save themselves.) 
Shame indeed. I will be looking to switch where is cheaper, to be honest and I advise you to do the same. 

Our customer loyalty is not appreciated at all!