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Transfering vodaphofone number to new provider

2: Seeker


I have a Vodafone PAYG simcard. I would like to transfer the number to  a different provider but I also want to retain a PAYG simcard with Vodafone. Can I do this? I know I can get a PAC code to transfer my number, but is it possible to get a new number issued for the Vodafone sim. If I have to take out a new Vodafone sim, can my existing credit be transferred to this?

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17: Community Champion

Hi @vodapat 


The only way this can be done is by using a PAC, this will cancel the Vodafone number when the code is used.  You can get the PAC by text just head over to the link here: How do I get a PAC? 


Before moving to an alternative provider you need to use your remaining credit, when you port the number over any credit will be lost.  It is also not possible to transfer credit from one number to an alternative number.  See here: Can I transfer credit to an different number? 



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