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Pay as you go

Vodafone UK or Vodafone prepaid

2: Seeker

After software update, i selected the wrong connection type. I chose Vodafone UK instead of Vodafone prepaid and now i can not access my  data. How do I change this back? Thank you.

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17: Community Champion

Are you a Vodafone Uk Customer  ?

Vodafone prepaid sounds like Vodafone India ?

Vodafone Uk calls it Payg i.e Pay As You Go. 


Try removing your sim card and re jnsert it and kr speak with your Vodafone's Customer services @Manns 


🌈 Stay Safe  🌈 



Current Phone > Samsung Note 10+ 5G _256Gb > Model: SM-N976B.

Samsung One Ui 2.1  / Android 10.


Samsung Gear s3 Frontier Watch.

Samsung Galaxy Buds.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Manns 


You always receive that message after a software update, you can usually disregard the message, the settings won't have changed.  


From what you have written, you have simply selected contract instead of pp or prepaid, to correct this go into your settings, connections, scroll down to mobile networks, access point name, and change this from Vodafone UK to prepaid, (pp).  


I would also suggest you text WEB to 40172 to download the internet settings.  There is further information here: Internet settings 


Please also see device guiides for your phone:  Device Guides 


Hope the above gets your data working, if you continue to have problems please return to the forum.

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