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Alternative APN to prevent VoIP / VPN issues?

4: Newbie

I have a softphone app on my iPhone that enables me to answer my work desk phone when out and about.  However, this seems to fail to work properly when I'm on just the Vodafone network.  Any LAN works fine.  I've put the app on some other phones (same model) on other networks and it also works fine.  After a fair bit of digging it seems related to Vodafone (packet traces show issues with fragmentation), the PBX system makers have seen similar things with other networks in the UK, which have been resolved with alternative APN settings.  For example, O2, have an APN of which solves the problem for O2 users,


Is there something similar available on Vodafone?

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Hey there @jcurtis - While on our network our advised APNs for Apple devices are as follows:


Password: wap

Username: wap

Anything other than this could effect your ability to connect to our 3G/4G/5G network. 

This link to our Business page in regards to Voice over IP may be of some use.

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