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2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Never ever!

I have only had my Samsung flip phone 9 months it's never been dropped scratched or anything alwats have a front and back cover. 

Other day was charging and went black. Mini from screen fine did all the checks could hear things but nothing.

I took the the vodaphone shop were I had to walk as my bank linked to the phone and have a disability and was made to look stupid and cry in the shop was told the phoeb looked new and would send off after speaking to a manger.  Gets home and spoke to vodaphone about it and logged a complaint manger called and said if the phone can't be fixed they will send me a new one!!! Then after 5 hours on diffent channels of chat told the phone is coming back unrepaired and won't get a new one even thou I was promised ome and call record so I am now going to  ofcom and cicas and watchdog and revolver to be treat stupid and made fun out in the store to being told that the phoeb damage is my fault but not explained why when looked like new and a manager after 5 hours on diffent chats saying I could have one when he called me back as  I made an  complaint I've been with vodaphone for around  20 years no other phoeb issues am sure it's the flip that caused it as was told its a comment fault!!. Very bad service then the repair team call me on my number that stuck in the sim after another 5 hrs of conversation and we're givin a alternative number!.




Hi @Angelbuffy26 Thank you for posting and raising your concerns. We're sorry to hear about this experience, and how it's left you feeling. We'd love the opportunity to help. If you can please pop us over a message via our Social Media Channels we can get this looked into. 

1: Seeker

Hi, can I just ask what the outcome of this was? I am experiencing a similar shocking experience. When you open the flip phone, it doesn't register that it has been opened and is very hard to unlock and get into. There is also a crack appearing on the fold. I sent it away for repair under the manufacturing warranty. They have sent it back saying "The reason the quote is raised is because of damage to the screen  of the device. We have to repair the phone to a warranty standard so the quote of £388.86 is raised so they can address the damage and then repair any faults that would ordinarily be covered by the warranty.". I have attached a photo of the returned device. I can't even see the marks they are illuding to! It feels like a scam to get out of claiming there is a manufacturing issue and want me to to basically pay £388.86 to pay to repair the screen (which will probably fix their manufacturing warranty issue in the process). Clever but utterly disgraceful from a customer service point of view!20240215_102055.jpg

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @simoo86 As you already know, we do need to repair any damage to the phone to return it to excellent condition when we do any repairs under the warranty. If the secondary repairs aren't covered by your warranty, you'll need to pay for these. If you'd like us to take a closer look into this and offer more advice regarding the secondary repairs, please pop us a message via one of our social channels