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Apple series7 watch Steel

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Hi all my first post here, I have a pending order on the Apple Watch series 7 in steel graphite. Signed the contract on the 7th of August and yet after several calls and a lot of cash sweetners as a sorry . my order is yet to be dispatched. I know there is issues for deliveries from the factory? but it’s the crappest thing from planet crap. Any one out there that can shed any light on this matter. Cheers folks Gazbo


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Hi @Gazbo 


The Team here can't access accounts from posts left on the forum however they can via Facebook Messenger or Twitter DM although they are not part of the sale's department and as such may direct you to contacting Customer Support as you have done already.

Delays are typically due to demand outstripping supply.

Vodafone would I assume order a set amount of units from Apple and then start taking orders on them but if the device is popular then this can soon outstrip the amount they've ordered from Apple,  however they wouldn't stop taking orders on the watches so it's possibly a case of then Vodafone awaiting for the next shipment.

That coupled with availability of parts and from what I hear delays at the shipping ports / docks into the UK this can cause delays too.

I hope you get your watch ASAP @Gazbo 

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Many thank for your reply, a whole month on and still so much vagueness.  From being told a wait time of a week perhaps two , really isn’t very good considering time and time again thats all I get on a Google search ( delayed ) going back so many years for Apple devices from Vodafone,.